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How Sugar Makes you Fat and Kills Your Health


“How can these delicious and decadent treats be healthy?” The beautiful women in my Fabulous Food Goddess Group gasped as they bit into my amazing, healthy, Carmel Almond Butter Cups. Sally actually had a long slow orgasm right in her chair as she savored and let every last bite linger in her mouth not wanting to release the luscious, lasting flavor into her digestive tract.

This is proof that we are all addicted to sugar.

We’re looking for a quick fix to add more sweetness to our lives. Instead of going for a lasting lifestyle change, we gravitate to the pop-tart solution or quick fix when looking for joy and pleasure. The instant gratification that food creates will never replace the long-term satisfaction we get when incorporating a lifestyle change that leads to optimal health.

Are you enjoying short term-gain for a long-term loss?

Sugar, a seeming innocent substance, makes you fat, zaps your energy, depletes your health, and can send you to an early grave. You can have long-term happiness by kicking sugar to the curb. Read this through to the end to learn about the evil things that processed sugar does to your amazing body – then follow the tips to get processed sugar out of your life for good!

Think sugar isn’t bad for your body? Think again.

1. Sugar messes with your blood sugar levels and depletes your energy. 
Because dopamine, the feel good chemical in your brain, kicks into high gear and works hard to bring you pleasure, eating sugar becomes a vicious cycle. We want more pleasure so we eat more sugar. This creates excess glucose, lending you a quick and dirty high. Your brain counters by shooting out serotonin, a sleep-regulating hormone and boom; you instantly go into a sugar crash.

2. Eating sugar makes you hungry and fat.
Insulin blocks production of leptin, the “hunger hormone”. The higher your insulin levels, the hungrier you feel. This puts you in a simulated starvation mode; your brain directs your body to start storing glucose as belly fat and produces less dopamine, opening the door for cravings and addictions.

3. Your liver gets lethargic.
The fructose that is produced from eating too much sugar is delivered straight from your small intestines to your liver. When your liver takes on too much sugar, it can’t detoxify. The excess fructose in your liver prompts globules of fat to grow throughout the liver creating lipogenesis, the precursor to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

4. Lowers “good”cholesterol
Too much fructose lowers HDL, or “good” cholesterol, and spurs the production of triglycerides, a type of fat that can migrate from the liver to the arteries, raising your risk for heart attack or stroke.

5. Sugar creates inflammation
Your liver sends an S.O.S. for extra insulin. Overwhelmed, your pancreas is now in overdrive, which can result in total-body inflammation that, in turn, puts you at even higher risk for obesity and diabetes, increases aches andpains in your body and can create all kinds of disease.

Convinced? Let’s explore what you can do to kick your processed sugar addiction to the curb!

My top 3 Solutions to Kick Sugar to the Curb:

1. Eat a bunch of broccoli for breakfast.
By starting the day with vegetables and a little protein instead of a sugary treat, you will lower your blood sugars, reduce your sugar cravings, get more fiber in your diet and make your body more alkaline. Eat 6 to 12 servings of vegetables every day.

2. Take these sugar-suppressing supplements.

Chromium Picolinate – Chromium is an essential mineral and when combined with picolinic acid, it:

  • reduces sugar related issues
  • improves cholesterol levels
  • benefits the heart
  • stabilizes blood pressure

I recommend Thorne Research Chromium Picolinate –

L-Glutamine – L-Glutamine is an amazing amino acid. It:

  • Is necessary for normal brain function
  • Reduces your stress levels
  • Improves immune function
  • Promotes a healthy digestive tract
  • Improves mood and memory
  • reduces your sugar cravings

I recommend Iron Tek Powered Glutamine –

Gymnena Sylvester – This amazing herb supports blood sugar levels and insulin function. When taken before eating sugar, it totally takes the sweetness out of the sugary food and makes the food taste like cardboard.
I recommend Swanson:

3. Add more non-food sweetness to your life
Consider what you are missing in your life. What sweetness are you looking to fill with your food? Make a list of the things you really want for your life and the next time you have the urge to reach for sugar, do one of your instead strategies that bring you pleasure. I bet you won’t want the sugar anymore.

Have any questions? Leave them below or shoot me an email. I’m always happy to chat about how your life can change when you cut processed sugar!



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