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Success Stories

The biggest testimonial to Kathryn’s expertise is the fact that many of her clients have achieved a real and lasting improvement in their health.

Joyful Living Success Stories: Will Yours Be Next?

A Complete 360

Carolyn Tracey (Raves)

I hired Miss Kathryn back in March, 2015. I have NO words to explain her depths of caring/concern/support. Words are poor substitutes when what you want to shout out is the biggest, most grateful THANK YOU in all the world. My health has taken a complete 360…and yes we did it together, BUT I could not have learned all that I have learned without Kathryn. Thank you my love bug!!!! My liver thanks you, my groin thanks you, my bones too!  — Carolyn T



andrea burnett

Off To a Great Start

Thank you, Kathryn Chess, for the most successful health weeks I have had since starting menopause! I have lost five pounds already, am eating wonderful, delicious foods – but the best part is feeling so much stronger and sleeping so much better than I have for a long time. I am so thankful I have you for my nutrition coach and great friend! –Andrea B

Rachel Sandovol CarlI Feel Like Me Again

Thanks to Kathryn, I feel like me again!  As an athlete, I have always felt like I’ve lived a healthy life and ate healthy too.  Over the last couple years I noticed that I was having a hard time eliminating weight and I felt like I was always being rushed (especially at work) which was creating stress.  The big “ah-ha” moment came last year when I did the AIDS/Lifecycle ride and only lost 1 lb.  Between January and September 2013, I ran 3 marathons and 8 half marathons on top of the AIDS ride and lost 3 lbs total.  I always felt fatigued and just thought it was work stress.

I decided in November 2013 to hire Kathryn.   After a month working with her, I found out that my body was full of bad bacteria and she helped me get rid of it.  I also found out that my eating patterns were not conducive to my rigorous training schedule.  Kathryn enlightened me and provided me with the tools I needed to balance my body and mind which lifted my spirit!  In December 2013 I ran my 4th full marathon (14 lbs lighter) and ended up with a personal record – a sub 4:00 time.  Over the last five months I have continued to incorporate the tools I’ve learned from Kathryn and I feel healthy, full of energy and most important….I feel like me again.

I highly recommend her, especially if you are not interested in a fad diet, but want to be/feel healthy.  She will provide you the information that is designed for you!  She listens and really cares about helping you through your transformation. –Rachel C

patricia theelI Was Literally Face Down On My Desk by 2:30 Every Day

Simply put, Kathryn helped get back to my old self, but only a better version. When I first started working with her I was exhausted, depressed, crying in her office. A real mess. I hated my job because I was stressed out and tired all the time. I had no stamina left. I was literally face down on my desk by 2:30 every day. And, I couldn’t enjoy the good things in my life — like my boyfriend. He was annoying me too!

It all started to go south when I unsuspectingly entered into perimenopause. I had developed very severe symptoms. A trip to the gynecologist rendered strong, menstrual migraine-producing, birth control pills and a surgical procedure to do a DNC and poliposcopy. Not fun! My symptoms persisted and were getting worse. Any minor slip up with the birth control pills and I’d have a monumental migraine for three days. I’ve never had migraines before in my life, but these felt like I had three meat cleavers lodged in my head that wiggled back and forth. (Of course, I’ve never had a meat cleaver in my head either but that’s a different story). I went back several times to the gynecologist for help only to be told that the only remedy was birth control pills and later when I’m 50, I would start taking estrogen and HRTs. “Try the patch! It’s great. You won’t even notice it’s there!” and “I can send you to a neurologist to prescribe medication to manage the migraines.”

I just felt that I needed a different approach. Enter Kathryn. She quickly figured out that I had adrenal fatigue and suggested a boat load of supplements and tinctures. She gave me many, many healthy food recipes and basically got me back on track with healthier eating. Every time I see her she hands me something new, like a cookbook or food. One of the best parts is that I am now off the birth control pills, without migraines or any other of my symptoms. It’s really kind of blown my mind. It was very empowering.

What I really like best about Kathryn is her spirit. Her optimism is infectious. Her approach to all my issues has never been to prescribe a pill but rather to prescribe a life approach. It’s very holistic and positive. She helped me to reduce and recognize my stress. I’ve released about 10 (very stubborn) pounds, my hair feels thicker (I had resigned myself to it beginning to thin at middle age). I have soooooooo much more energy. I could go on and on. A really great side benefit is all the feedback I’m getting from other people. Friends are saying on a regular basis, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. You look fantastic!” “You look healthy.” “You’re glowing!”  I have begun to love my life again.  –Patricia T.

An Inspiring Coach and Personellie johnson

I am an extremely active 57 year old woman. This year I have been having problems with hot flashes anxiety feelings of bloatedness aches and pains putting on belly fat and general feelings of fatigue. My friend recommended Kathryn and she has so been there for me. My body is starting to respond to wonderful nutrition. Kathryn has great recipes she shares and is an inspiring coach. I love that she is always there to answer my myriad of questions. She uses motivational techniques and never never uses guilt to keep you on track! She notices how you treat yourself and won’t let you to beat up on yourself! I love to have these qualities in a friend and now I have them in my nutritionist. – Ellie J.

Changed My Life

Kim PanzaI had the honor of having Kathryn as a health coach and guide in the Spring of 2015. I honestly say that she has changed my life. I started off working with her and having the mind set that this too would not make an impact on my health and weight. I followed her guidance and practiced the skills she was showing me. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her knowledge of health and nutrition is vast. It is now 4 months later and I am a changed women. I have more energy then ever, I actively search for healthier options (food and activities) and I have dropped a significant amount of excess body weight. If you want to get out of the rut you are in and make lasting changes for better health and life then give Kathryn a call and find out how she can change your life.  – Kim P

Holistic Health At Its Best

taylor m

I have been working with Kathryn for a few months now. I didn’t know what to expect at first. I have had some issues that come with “this time of life”, erratic food and being overwhelmed and saddened by the declining health of my Mom. Aging parents are not easy, but the emotional work behind it turns out to be what is fantastic about working with Kathryn. I am so glad I am investing in myself to move through this stage with no regrets and feeling healthy.

Kathryn has helped me to put aside, and put into proper perspective, the grief and the complexities of an aging Mom. Her work with menopausal women is very broad. It covers the nutritional aspects as well as the emotional aspects. That is holistic health at its best. I highly recommend working with her to make “this time” the best years of your life!! — Taylor M.

The Only Side Effect Was Love – I’m Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been

My journey with Kathryn began in October 2013 when I became very ill and had to quit my job. I had no idea what was going on. Kathryn and I have lived next door to each other for 10 years and I knew she was a natural food nutritionist and acupressurist. I made an appointment knowing I could not heal myself on my own. She worked with me on a weekly basis to clean up my diet and teach me about the toxic value of sugar on my body and how to heal my gut and what supplements to use to regain my strength. It took a while for me to fully recover, but 1 year later I am stronger than I have ever been. Kathryn’s loving and gentle care and extensive nutritional knowledge healed me when my doctors could not. If you are having any kind of health problems, see Kathryn first, she will get you back onto the road to health and strength with no side effects except LOVE! – Erika R.

Healing After Thyroid CancerKathleen C

Kathryn has helped me through health issues that have plagued me for awhile. Her touch is healing and kind and her nutritional advice sound. I hear her voice in my head as I am thinking of making wrong food choices. I am off Cheetos for good! Kathryn is a truly remarkable talent. I came to her over 7 years ago right after I had my thyroid removed because of cancer. She helped me in so many ways both physical and mental. She has “healing hands” I know it sounds cliché but it is true. If you want to feel better and bring your body into harmony Kathryn can assist. – Kathleen C.

Coached Into a New Career

shirley mendezWhat a difference Kathryn Chess has made in my life! Retired and on a fixed income, I needed extra money. Returning to a traditional job at 66 years young would dramatically change my lifestyle. In our session Kathryn gently encouraged me to discover my passions and consider new possibilities that would bring joy and happiness to my life. With Kathryn’s empowering coaching, I was able to turn my love of scrapbooking into a business that I can’t wait to wake up to. Kathryn gave me the confidence to know that I can do what I love and get paid for it! It’s exciting to imagine my wonderful new future. Thank you Kathryn, you are amazing.
— Shirley M

Ready For The Wedding and BeyondDeana Ortuno

Kathryn helps people attain their goals! Whether it be weight loss, healthy eating, meditation, hormone control, etc… I highly recommend her. She helped me get ready to look my best for my wedding. Being middle aged, it is hard to maintain the right weight. But with the correct foods I was able to lose weight and have incredible energy. She is a great coach. Also, the added benefit of getting great recipes that are fast and easy and VERY tasty is incredible! – Deanna O.

Amazing Results with Acupressure Massage

russ bernardMy back is feeling sooo much better! I’ve seen two different massage therapists at the chiropractor’s office and they haven’t given the results that you were able to deliver in just one session. One could say, well with the prior massages, electric-stim treatments, and chiropractic adjustments that I was well on the way to recovery. Not so, although improved, my back was still unstable until after your treatment today. The chiropractic adjustments were key as I was out of alignment, but you took care of the residual muscle inflammation. I did a 20 minute ice treatment around 1:30 today. It’s now 4:00 and my back feels absolutely wonderful, almost normal. Of course I will continue with the ice and be cautious in my activity, but what a difference. You truly are amazing! I am so fortunate to have you in my life.
— Russ B

A Winning Nutritional StrategyMarc W

Kathryn is truly amazing. She is a skilled nutritionist, massage therapist and healthy living coach, who assessed and developed plans for my physical, mental and emotional health. I enjoy fitness (e.g., swimming, cycling) and tend to over-train. Kathryn developed a nutritional strategy, along with other daily regimens that reduced my inflammation. She continuously checked in to ensure I was doing well, to provide encouragement, and to adjust my strategy as needed. Kathryn is an incredible listener, has tremendous knowledge and sincerely cares about her clients. – Marc W.

Inspired Into a Joyful Dream Career

julianneKathryn’s work is amazing! When I first came to see her I felt really unsettled with a lack of joy in my life. I had graduated three years prior and was constantly trying to figure out how I could get my “dream job in finance”. With Kathryn’s guidance, I was able to evaluate what I REALLY wanted and not what I should do. I found something better than this “dream job” — I made my own business making children’s iPhone apps. I am now creating something meaningful and it will soon give me the ability to work anywhere in the world.
— Julianne F,  Entrepreneur

Doctors Gave Up, But Stephanie Healed with Kathryn’s Program

stephanie pictureKathryn helped me resolve a problem that my doctors had given up on. I suffered from hot flashes for 3 years, I would get 5 a day, everyday. I wore light layers and dresses, even in winter, and always had a fan with me. I was 25 years old when it started and internet research only told me that it could be early menopause. For months, my doctor tested me for everything she could think of, including early menopause, and everything came back negative.   

That was when my friend recommended Kathryn. Kathryn worked with me and I tried everything she suggested, together we were able to narrow down the causes and triggers for my hot flashes. Throughout the whole process I felt supported and cared for by Kathryn.

I now understand my body better and my needs. I feel confident that I can continue to take better care of myself and keep the hot flashes away.  I am proud of myself for investing the time and money to resolve a problem that I was told could not be fixed. I plan on having another baby in the future and Kathryn and I talked about getting together to help with the morning sickness. I am very grateful to Kathryn and know that I can turn to her in the future if I need more support.
— Stephanie G

kimberly sullivanImproved Health – Measurable Results 

I had my annual health screening at work-cholesterol is perfect and good kind is very high. It was even better than the test I had on 2005. Also my blood pressure was nice and low as well as triglycerides. Yeah!
– Kim S worked with Kathryn for about 4 months to improve her health and lifestyle.


Energy, more clarity and more passion for life!

lacyI have had the pleasure of working with Kathryn in multiple capacities.  Not only do I trust her to take care of me and my nutritional needs, but I refer my patients to her as well.

As a health practitioner I do my best to exercise, eat right, keep my nervous system in check and not put any toxins in my body.  I believe that this has always helped to keep me as healthy as possible.  Then I met Kathryn.  

Kathryn took my health to a whole new level.  She taught me how to eat what was RIGHT for my body.  Not only are her recipes delicious but they feed me exactly what my body needs.  That gives me the ability to have more energy, more clarity, and more passion for life! Everyone owes it to themselves to contact Kathryn to see just how much this can benefit their lives. – Lacy

The Whole Family Feels Better Now Too

Gina W

Kathryn Chess helped me get my thyroid under control by taking a few foods out of diet and adding in a few amazing foods I didn’t even know my body was craving! My whole family eats and feels better now and we are more mindful of what we fuel our bodies with. She has extensive training in health and nutrition and does not treat her clients like they need a “one size fits all” solution. 

Her Delicious Detox worked wonders for my itchy skin as well. I would highly recommend Kathryn for anyone looking for more than just a “get skinny diet.” Kathryn will help you not only lose weight, but heal your gut and feel and function better!  – Gina W

Food Is No Longer In Charge Of Me

Your guidance with nutrition regarding my hormone imbalance has been immensely helpful.  I am beginning to return to my old (younger) self again.  I know it is a journey and that you will skillfully help me along my pathway.  So far what I have noticed is that my mood has improved.  I am sleeping better at night.  I have much more energy.  Food is not so in charge of me.  Life is good! – Judy T

Plagued With Menopausal Symptoms

Deb Del Mastro headshotIf you are looking for a caring, incredibly competent and positively energetic health advocate – please contact Kathryn.  I have had the pleasure of working with her very briefly – we’ve met a few times and those few times have CHANGED MY LIFE.  I have been dealing with menopausal symptoms and other issues that come with age and with Kathryn’s expertise and advise, my symptoms have nearly disappeared.  

I have lost 23 pounds in 4 months (this was not the original reason but what a great perk!) and I had neuralgia in my toes, swollen joints in my hands and besides weight gain, I was depressed.  Oh and I had migraines that were at least a bi-monthly event.  Since taking Kathryn’s advise, I have had one headache – and I ate the wrong things to create that headache! Now I know how to proceed in order to feel better and live better.  I’m looking forward to working with her more!  Kathryn Chess is a wonderful advocate and ally in my quest for better living and a better life. — Deborah D

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