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Personal Health Coaching




Are you ready to make a change?




My 4 Months to Fabulous! Personal Health Coaching program is an easy, fast and fun way to jump start you to your best health ever! It’s customized just for you, so that you can easily achieve your goals.

You’ll be able to

  • Stop the insatiable hunger, sugar cravings and stress eating
  •  Get rid of that stubborn belly fat you haven’t been able to lose
  •  Make lasting lifestyle changes that will bring your life into balance

Before working with me, many of my clients settle for a life where they either feel numb or constantly overwhelmed. They take care of everyone and everything in their life but themselves.

They’ve lost their joy for life.

I want to help them – and you – get it back.


Kathryn’s guidance with nutrition regarding my hormone imbalance has been immensely helpful. I am beginning to return to my old (younger) self again. I know it is a journey and that she will skillfully help me along my pathway. So far what I have noticed is that my mood has improved. I am sleeping better at night. I have much more energy. Food is not so in-charge of me. Life is good!                                      – Judy T.

Receive Support that Empowers You… And Fits into Your Busy Lifestyle!

We’ll meet in person for an hour twice a month at my home or a central location. During these sessions, we will dig deep to identify the root causes of your body’s symptoms and how to heal them. We’ll explore not just what you’re eating, but evaluate why what you are eating isn’t working for you.

  • Perhaps your metabolic fire died because the stress you’ve been under has burned out your adrenals and thyroid…
  •  Maybe you’re having trouble digesting your food because your hydrochloric acid levels are too low
  •  It could be that your lifestyle has become so stressful that your body is using all of your energy to deal with excess cortisol and other hormonal imbalances that you are not processing food properly (and retaining weight around your middle)…

Whatever your symptoms and their causes, we will tailor a program that works for your individual body and its unique needs.

On the weeks that are opposite of our in-person sessions, we’ll have a quick phone conversation to check-in and help keep you on track. And you’ll have access to me via text and e-mail for support if you have questions or just feel stuck!


I hired Miss Kathryn back in March 2015. I have NO words to explain her depths of caring/concern/support. Words are poor substitutes when what you want to shout out is the biggest, most grateful THANK YOU in all the world. My health has taken a complete 360… and yes, we did it together, BUT I could not have learned all that I have learned without Kathryn…              – Carolyn T.

Increase Your Nutritional Knowledge and Stress Reduction Skills

Throughout our sessions and calls, I will share informative handouts, suggestions, empowerment tools and my secret tips to help you find your way to your best health ever!

We’ll go on a healthy shopping tour, and I’ll share recipes so that you can enjoy delicious food that is good for your body.

We’ll also develop simple strategies to

  • Eliminate food cravings and that “unsatisfied” feeling
  • Reduce stress so that you no longer feel overwhelmed
  • Improve your sleep so your body will receive the rest it requires to heal
  • Make targeted lifestyle changes that address underlying deficiencies and hormonal imbalances

These new tools will help you recapture that vibrant good health you thought was gone forever!


Thank you, Kathryn Chess, for the most successful health weeks I have had since starting menopause! I have lost 5 pounds already, am eating wonderful, delicious foods – but the best part is feeling so much stronger and sleeping so much better than I have for a long time. I am so thankful I have you for my nutrition coach and great friend!                                                                                                                                                                  – Andrea B.


Bring Your Body Back to Balance and Increase Your Energy

Some of the actionable tools in my 4 Months to Fabulous! program include detoxes and cleanses to optimize your body’s natural function.

They will

  • Help you digest and absorb nutrients 
  • Rid your body of parasites and toxins
  • Restore balance between good and bad gut flora
  • Enable your body to release the excess weight

My customized Delicious Detox is filled with recipes for food that you will enjoy eating! These meal plans will help heal your body and keep your blood sugar levels even throughout the day. I’ll also share an easy detox protocol for people who don’t have time to cook.

I will walk you through powerful candida, liver, parasite and kidney cleanses so you can clean out the toxins in your body, eliminate sugar cravings and finally feel fabulous!


Receive Targeted Relief for Your Symptoms

I will prescribe a targeted supplement routine that will help to heal the root cause of what’s causing your dis-ease (the cost of supplements is additional).


Are you wondering if my 4 Months to Fabulous! program could help you?  Take this short quiz to see if you are suffering from some of the issues many of my clients faced before starting to work with me.

Do you have specific questions or want learn more? Schedule a consultation with me today, I’d love to talk with you and learn how I can help!