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No Food Coma for You (a gift for YOU, from YOU)!

Hoping this message finds you snacking on some amazing leftovers, relishing great moments of kickin’ back with the people you love (…or just enjoying some blissful solitude ~ ahhh).

Perhaps, though, you emerged from your holiday meals in a food coma?

Good news: Food comas don’t have to be your norm for the rest of the holiday season . . .

Rather than be over-stuffed and uncomfortable, how can you make this season a time when you feel fabulous every day?

Maybe you’re thinking, “What’s the point of even trying?”

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can emerge from the holidays feeling vital and refreshed. Here’s how:


How to Avoid a Food Coma This Holiday Season

Savor food with gratitude

Before you eat, put your food on a plate, sit down, slow down and express gratitude for the food. Perhaps you think about or even bless the growers and the cooks without whom you would not have this food? Remember to take time to chew your food (10 – 15 times per bite), really, savor the flavor, texture and comfort. These are simple ways to develop new, more healthful eating patterns. Your appreciation will certainly increase for the abundance in your life. Savor the food as if it’s your last meal, taste the flavors and genuinely enjoy the experience.


Breathing as a relaxation technique is an ancient practice and can be used at any time to increase your vitality and happiness. This is especially helpful before your meal.
When you take a minute to breathe deeply before meals, the breath helps your gut to relax and prepare for perfect digestion. Spend a minute breathing deeply before you eat and see how it changes the way your body feels.

Practice Pleasure

The most powerful way to change your relationship with food, as well as your weight, is to first change your relationship with your body. Rather than focusing on controlling and restricting your body, we recommend appreciating and acknowledging your body knows what you need. You know how to nourish and sustain life. This includes feeding yourself with the right foods.

When you make this shift in perspective, the way you experience your body–and subsequently, how you experience food–shifts to a completely different dynamic.

Check in with yourself throughout the day. For instance, are you thirsty? When food is offered, before immediately grabbing a plateful, consider your level of hunger and what foods you would enjoy. Ask yourself if you want a fresh air break, to move around a bit, or to take a 20-minute nap.

Remain open to fulfilling your needs, not just your mind’s expectations as to how each day is supposed to unfold. Continue to check in as the day progresses, making a point to pause and allow your inner wisdom to be heard. You will learn when you intently listen to yourself, you’ll discover what you truly want is to feel light and energized, fresh and free.

Follow that deeper voice and there will be no food coma in sight.

Build support

It is never fun to go it alone through challenges and the holidays can certainly present many. We encourage you to find at least one, or better yet, a few super souls who can and will support you throughout the season and beyond. Super supporters are great to lean on for the good, yet wonderful for the moments when you might ignore your voice. We all submit to a temptation now and again, celebrate your enjoyment of doing so with one or more of your super supporters who will congratulate you on acknowledging and moving on, rather than giving up and going totally off track. Remember, it is natural to commiserate during more stressful times, and we suggest you redirect this desire into celebrate. Yes, celebrate each little, or big, success you have this season with one or more super supporters.

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