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Holiday Eating Challenge


This Halloween I don’t want to open my door to the masses of the cute and innocent little ones.
How did this happen? Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays.You can call me a mean mama but I just don’t feel right about subjecting these adorable young souls to the chemical laden sweet treats that we freely doll out on Halloween.

The truth in the past Halloween used to be a feeding frenzy where I would give one piece of candy to the Trick-or-Treaters and then one for me and I would feel like crap.

I’m wondering if you’re a bit worried about how you will manage all of the Halloween candy from your office to your kids nap-sack? I want to help you to avoid the pit-falls of eating too much at the holidays, truly love your body and feed it healthy amazing food so you can feel fabulous and rock your mission in life!

I’ve developed a Free Challenge for you. It’s an easy tool with my favorite 5 steps to help you curb your candy cravings and avoid the ‘Holiday Food Coma’.

I know the holidays can be eating food frenzy, stay tuned for my holiday healthy eating challenge and hot tips to stay sane over the holidays and make this holiday season shine.

Step #1 – Take 5 deep breaths before you eat anything. Deep breathing grounds and centers you. It stops you in your tracks and allows you to listen to your body and discover what you really need. Deep breathing also sends a signal to your gut that it’s about to receive food so your digestive juices start flowing and you can process your foods with ease.

Step #2 – Choose your favorite candy or what ever it is that your eating wisely. Are you eating the best quality and most delicious food or are you settling for something less because it’s convenient and comforting? Ask yourself – Is this really what I want or need? Maybe your not even hungry and what you really need is a big hug, to go outside and get a breath of fresh air or to give yourself a lasting non-food sweet treat thats so much more delicious than that piece of candy.

Step #3 – Sit down and put the food on a plate – Sitting down helps to reduce the distractions so you can enjoy the candy more. Sitting also helps you to savor the food. When you savor your food, you can savor and enjoy your life at a deeper, delicious and more juicy level.

Step #4 – Chew Slowly – Remember to pace not race when eating your food. When we chew slowly we are able to truly taste the flavors of the food. If you love the food so much, why do you want to swallow it quickly? When we chew, we also allow an enzyme, salivary amylase, to mix with our food and help with digestion.

Step #5 – Savor Each Bite – Fully enjoy the bite you are eating from start to finish before you pick up another one. Decide if you truly want the next bite. You could be full or maybe that small bite was all you needed to satisfy your amazing body.

Hope you enjoyed these tips. Please let me know how you implemented them and how they helped you on my Facebook Page and like my page.

Watch for my holiday healthy eating challenge and hot tips to stay sane over the holidays and make your holiday season shine.

Big Love and Healthy Success,



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