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How to Get off the Restaurant Roller Coaster

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As a busy widow with a super active 7 year old, restaurants became our best friends. The great conversations, delicious readymade food, and relaxing glass of wine made this single mom feel like a pampered princess at our nightly restaurant retreat.

Although, the cost of eating out was a bit more expensive than eating at home, it helped us to soothe our emotional souls. The rich yummy food took its toll on my body. My body started talking back and something had to change.

Little did I know my body was asking me to give up my good life of eating at the restaurant for a great life of homemade healthy and delicious meals.

I found myself trudging through the day with a foggy brain, shivering in 80 degrees weather, constantly applying lotion to my lizard like dry skin, and busting out of my pants because of my new-found muffin top. My voice was so hoarse that I sounded like Betty Davis on steroids, my bones and muscles ached in spite of my frequent yoga practice and depression hit me like a ton of bricks.

My doctor diagnosed me with Auto-Immune Hypothyroidism. Her magic pill to resolve my symptoms was little dose of a thyroid medication. I refused the pharmaceutical and made a vow to get healthy and well. I knew I could take my life back.

Although I thought I was eating relatively well with restaurant foods, what I did not know is restaurant and other commercially prepared foods are notoriously high in fat, salt and sugar.

I dove in and learned how to cook fast, easy, healthy and fun meals. Getting my son involved in the process was the best part. We actually had more fun cooking together than we ever had at the restaurant. We used to think there was no time to cook. What we discovered was that the time it took to drive to the restaurant, be served, and eat was equal to the time it took to cook and eat at our own table. Preparing most of your meals at home helps train your palate toward a healthier fare and gives you complete control over thetype and quality of ingredients in your meals.

To heal the hypothyroidism, I am now gluten, sugar and dairy free. Home cooking allows me to easily accommodate my new found food choices. My recipes and videos will now focus on teaching you new ways to make amazing and tasty meals that are quick, delicious and fun. Check out this week’s video for Homemade Tantalizing Tomato Sauce and Zippy Zucchini Noodles.

In order to change my relationship with food and get off the restaurant roller coaster, I put the following action steps on my calendar and made them non-negotiable:

  1. Make out a list of meals for the week before you shop. Take one big trip to the store.
  2. Block out time to pre-cook ingredients or chop vegetables so you always have cooked grains and chopped veggies available to and make. The times when you come home feeling so “hangry” that you could bite off your arm will turn into a smooth and happy eating experience.
  3. If you are more motivated to cook on the weekend, make extra and freeze it to use as one of your meals during the week.

The best part of changing my diet is that now at 55, I’m in the best health of my life and I know I will have better health for the rest of my life.

Enjoy the journey of taking your beautiful body from good to great.

Here’s to your best health ever,

By the way . . . If you want more tips and tricks on how to live an amazing and happy life, check out my Fabulous Food Goddess Group. The next group starts in September and includes two free private coaching sessions NOW with Kathryn to get you ready for the group. Check it out at:

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