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Boost Energy and Focus With Your Fork

are-you-hangryAre you jumping out of bed full of energy and remembering everything on your “to-do” list with ease? If this is you, congratulations! You hormones are balanced and I’m sure that you are rocking your mission.

If you’re like the majority of the smart and amazing women that I work with, low energy, brain fog, and depression are their top three main complaints.

They ask their doctors for a quick-fix complaining, “I can’t get out of bed in the morning and at 3:00pm I want to fall asleep at my desk.” Their doctors quickly give them a magic pill loaded with an anti-depressant or some kind of birth control to give them the instant-fix that they crave.

I’m here to tell you that there is a better way. Instead of a prescription, we should be looking for the root-cause of your challenges.

Could your rascal main stress hormone cortisol be out of  balance because you’re working on over-drive? Maybe your thyroid is a little out of whack?

Boosting your energy levels and bringing you out of your brain fogged coma is easy fix when you use healthy and delicious food to efficiently and permanently reset your body and bring it into its perfect balance. It’s so much better than depending on a prescription pad.

There’s a new sheriff in town. According to Dr. Sara Gottefried, it’s the latest synthesis of nutragenomics, epidemiology, and endocrinology – a totally hot new field called nutritional endocrinology. Nutritional Endocrinology tells us the importance of food first. If you put bad fuel in your car it would sputter and spat, right? Why do we expect our bodies to run efficiently when we are eating processed, packaged foods that are void of nutritional value?

The foods you eat and drink give your body the fuel to run like a well-oiled machine. Here are a few simple steps to give your amazing body the right nutrients to balance your hormones and bring your body from fatigued and brain fogged to fabulously energized and balanced:

  1. Savor the food your eating – Instead of eating your food like an uncontrolled orangutan, savor your food. Slow down when you eat. Inhale the delicious aroma of your fabulous food. Your body has an innate intelligence and it releases exactly the right enzymes to digest your food.  Chew every morsel slowly and take three slow, deep, steady breaths before eating. This has been shown to lower your cortisol (the main stress hormone) and improve digestion.
  2. Pumpkin seeds are not just for October – Pumpkin Seeds are rich in zinc. Hormone balance depends on zinc that raises testosterone (one of the most important sex hormones). You could also try eating Napa cabbage to get more zinc in your diet.
  3. Heal your gut – When you eat more probiotic-rich foods like: organic miso, sauerkraut and kim chi the bacteria in your gut balances. You can also recommend take a probiotic supplement. I recommend getting between 15 and 50 billion CFU per day. Work with your doctor to make sure the dose is right for you.
  4. Pass the cheese – Dairy and conventional cheese often cause food intolerance to casein, the main milk protein. Food intolerances can raise cortisol and contributes to leaky gut syndrome.
  5. Sprinkle turmeric – Tumeric is the most potent anti-inflammatory and if your chronically stressed turmeric  it can calm down the battles that happen in the gut, so that you can absorb and assimilate the food you need to build happy hormones.
  6. Restrain the grains – Grains, especially processed grains can wreak havoc on your hormones. If you struggle with your weight, have sugar cravings or suffer with diabesity (diabetes or prediabetes), you need to nix the grains. Eat more vegetables and clean protein.
  7. Love your liver – Your hormones detoxify through the liver. When the liver is clogged it creates hormonal havoc. What helps? Avoid fructose, sugar, sugar substitutes. Focus on foods that detoxify your liver like beets or dandelion leaves and eat 5 to 7 cups of leafy green veggies daily.

Boosting your energy levels and bringing you out of your brain fog is easy when you use healthy and delicious food to bring your body to its perfect balance.

Comment below if you try any of these tips to help you reset your body permanently! As always, let me know if you have any questions.


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