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No Food Coma for You (a gift for YOU, from YOU)!

Hoping this message finds you snacking on some amazing leftovers, relishing great moments of kickin’ back with the people you love (…or just enjoying some blissful solitude ~ ahhh). Perhaps, though, you emerged from your holiday meals in a food coma? Good news: Food comas don’t have to be your norm for the rest of […]

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How to be Thinner, Happier and Healthier During the Holidays

Do you overindulge at the holidays and then come January 1st go on a serious detox to undo the holiday damage? This year, wouldn’t it be great to give your body a jump-start so you can truly feel thinner, happier and healthier during the holidays? To keep my body energized and stay in the groove of […]

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Has Your Holiday Sizzle Snapped?

I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. I love what holidays are supposed to represent: love, joy, happiness, and family. The hate part creeps in when I see so many people going into a frenzy to pick the perfect gift, squeeze one more thing on their holiday to do list, and stuff themselves with so much […]

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Fabulous Food Goddess Group Dinner

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel fabulous, you look vibrant and you know you’ve got life covered? How long has it been since you felt your best? The Lovely Ladies in my Fabulous Food Goddess Group have discovered the simple secrets to lasting health and happiness. Our magical dinner to […]

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How to Build a Healthier, Stronger and Sexier You!

Are you feeling like you can’t rock your mission because you’re bloated, having hot flashes, belly fat, a fuzzy brain, or maybe you’re doing everything right and just can’t release the weight? Can you guess what’s going on in your body? Your hormones are imbalanced and working overtime to bring you back into order. Ask yourself what not-so-good habits are keeping you stuck in hormonal havoc. Are you eating […]

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Best Version-2

Are you showing up for life as your best version of yourself?

Did you roll out of bed feeling fabulous, nourished, and well-cared for this morning? Is your energy high? Are you on fire about what you’re going to accomplish? Are you showing up for life as your best version of yourself, feeling in charge of your game? If this is you, wow – you have got […]

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